Musically Grown: Our First Years Activity Book and Album (Printed Book and .mp3 Disc)

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Hardcover Book and Album

Contains mini-disc with each song accompanied by an activity, made to grow with your child for physical, mental, social, and eco-conscious development - from newborn through childhood and beyond. These catchy melodies focus on different aspects of development, including self-awareness, communication, exercise, diversity and the environment. So, turn off the television and replace it with some music and sing along fun!!


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Full 11 song album for $5.99

Full Musically Grown Album
Musically Grown Songs
$.79 each                                           
1. Musically Grown Theme
2. The Earth is Abound
4. Yip-E-I-A
5. Up
6. Let's Move
7. Different but the Same
8. Earth Child
9. There Once Was a Big White Bear
10. Be Nice
11. Lullaby


Manifestation Course Modules

Course 1 - The Foundation

Course 2 - Emotion

Course 3 - Action

Course 4- Materialization

Course 5 - Senses

Course 6 - Logic

Course 7 - Creativity

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