Musically Grown LLC. is focused on creating Mutimedia content that stimulates human growth and awareness for the brightest potential we can achieve as beings on the planet Earth. You can find art, music, podcasts, books, videos, and more focused on infusing ancient beliefs and practices with modern scientific findings attributing greater health and well-being with the use of mind, music, movement and beyond.

You can find topics ranging from meditation, music, mudras, mantras, yoga, tai chi, ecstatic dance, sustainability, eco-consciousness, health, wealth, enlightenment, and more, throughout this site!     

For children and their caregivers, the Musically Grown book and album is filled with sing-along songs, stories, and activities that promote environmentalism, diversity, health, and more! The eco-system coloring pages have animal stickers to place in their proper habitats. The book/album and author have been recognized with song awards and as an independent publisher.

"Combining music with activities not only emphasizes the benefits of music but also creates experiences for bonding between children and parents or caregivers. "

bullet imagebullet imageBring home the amazing benefits of music to aid in your child’s physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development! Each song is accompanied by an activity for children and their caretakers. Made to grow with your little one for physical, mental, social, and eco-conscious development from newborn through childhood and beyond. These catchy melodies focus on different aspects of growth, including self-awareness, communication, physical health, and the environment.

The Perfect Gift for baby showers, birthdays, reunions, friends, family, children, celebrations, grandchildren, yourself, and anyone enriched by the time of children.

A New Musically Grown Book and Album

Manifest M5

Manifest M5: Mind, Mudras, Music, Mantras Movement

This upcoming book and album will explore the various modalities of tapping into a Divine Intelligence to create and manifest through a diverse array of consciousness practices based on a multitude of spiritual traditions. In laying a foundation for the power of thought energy, various branches of the sciences are reviewed to offer insights based on empirically established discoveries. From meditation, symbolism, archetypes, sound, movement, and beyond, Manifest M5 explores the intersections of multiple ancient wisdom practices with the findings of modern science.

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New Book and Album Coming Soon

Manifest M5:

Mind, Mudras, Music, Mantras, Movement

Explore various modalities of mind, music, mudras, mantras, and movement to build momentum towards the power to manifest.


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